• Juvo • March 20, 2019

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is very important for any brand or business model. All the widely known names in business utilise SEO services and for very good reason.

For those who don’t know, SEO refers to the process of ranking keywords (search terms) in search engines like Google or Bing for a brand.

One of the ultimate goals in SEO is to get your website to rank on page one of a search engine for specific search terms. These search terms are naturally typed by users from month to month.

A company which specialise in SEO services find out what users are searching for by doing keyword research and they come up with a list of search terms related to your brand and produce content centred around these keywords to get you ranking on search engines.

So why Is SEO good for your business?

Improves Your Online Presence

When your target keywords have been chosen by the SEO company you are working with then it’s time to start optimising and put in the effort that will lead to ranking.

Over time, and SEO does take time, your site appearing in the top pages of search engines is going to get you noticed more.

Numerous studies have shown that at a minimum, 75% of website traffic is going to the sites which appear on the first search engine ranking page (SERP). How far back would you be willing to scroll?

The higher you are on Google the greater online presence you will have.

Increases Web Traffic

Similarly to improving your online presence, SEO services can bring greater traction to your website as you are ranked higher on Google search results.

SEO works by crafting meta titles and meta descriptions together, centred around a search term, to provide relevant and informative text in a short snippet.

This means SEO improves the quality of users visiting your website as they are shown exactly what they are searching for. Increased website traffic gives you increased chance of conversions.


While SEO strategies expand your brand visibility the process can optimise your web pages in any number of ways.

A page which is optimised is easy to read and decreases visitors leaving the website after one page, known as Bounce Rate in Digital Marketing terminology.

A website that is optimised is more likely to grab and hold the attention of a visitor, making it more likely in turn to convert these visitors into returning users, subscribers and loyal customers.

Bypass Competition

Picture this, two business models in the same market, selling similar products or services. One business has an optimised website, the other does not. Which business is going to be more searchable on Google? The business with the optimised website of course.

You will bypass your competition if you invest in SEO services and receive a return for your money. If your competitors are using SEO then you have to as well to keep up. Never underestimate the power of SEO for brand awareness.

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