• Juvo • May 19, 2017

Are you looking to update your company’s website? Or maybe you need to build a completely new one? Either way, you need to find a website service that suits your business. Naturally, as a small business, a new website can be a big investment. You may be unsure about the process and what the best option is for you and your business. Well here’s a quick guide on why a custom WordPress website might be exactly what your business needs.

Why Your Business Needs WordPress

You may be asking yourself, with dozens of different services for building websites, what makes WordPress so special?

Well, firstly WordPress is an SEO powerhouse. It also supports a number of plugins that help fine-tune every aspect of your businesses SEO.

It’s also responsive, meaning it’s built to perform well across all devices used to access the web. So, if you’re customers are accessing your site via mobile or tablet, responsive design is a must.

These are just a few of the benefits of a WordPress website design. However, if you really want to stand out from your competitors and make the most of your business’ website, then you need to invest in a custom WordPress Website.

How Building a Custom WordPress Website Can Benefit Your Business

1. Quality-Assured Code

Working with a reputable web designer to develop a custom WordPress website, means you’ll get good quality code you can trust.

While you’ll probably never look at it or even understand it, a site that’s built on good code will run smoothly and won’t cause you any problems.

Some WordPress themes can be poor quality and have several ‘bugs’. Some may even contact unsafe code that has malware in it that can cause your site to crash, or be hacked.

2. Unlimited Design Options

A custom WordPress design allows your business the freedom to design your website to best suit your business and its individual needs.

Unlike premium WordPress themes, a custom design doesn’t have to fix into pre-made boxes or fit existing patterns.

With a custom WordPress website, there are no limitations on your websites layout and design. You can tailor it your individual requirements.

3. Customer Support

If you use the services of a trained developer to design a custom WordPress website, you’ll get personal, rapid support quickly fix any problems or bugs.

Without a trained website developer at your disposal WordPress support can be slow at best, non-existent at worst. Often, you’ll be waiting in a queue of lots of other people.

Furthermore, many premium theme developers don’t offer customization help or support for integrating the theme with other tools or plugins. So, be sure to factor this into your decision making when deciding between a run-of-the-mill premium theme or a custom one.

4. Stand Out from the Crowd

A custom WordPress website is a great marketing tool for your business. How many websites have you been to that look and feel the same?

Without a unique, individual look, your eyes soon glaze over and you stop engaging with the content and leave.

A custom WordPress website is one of your Business’ best assets, when it comes to leaving a lasting impression. A custom design means that no-one else will have the same website as you.

So, if you operate in a competitive environment and want to stand out from your competitors, a custom WordPress website is a good investment.

If you’re looking to design and develop your own custom WordPress website, our team has the skills and experience to help you along your digital journey. From one-off consultancy to ongoing maintenance, Juvo can help you find a solution for your web development and digital marketing needs, because we do digital. Contact us today on 01 525 2534 or email [email protected].

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